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    11What do we want?

    A support program for some communities in disadvantaged areas of the county of Vrancea courses outside normal opening hours, once a month weekend courses will be held by "Unirea" College students, assisted by teachers.

    Main themes:

  1. IT & Programming (1,2,3 steps in understanding algorithms and programming, computer networks and internet for life. Blog school or school site to Google
  2. Mathematics for everyday life: Geometry of orientation, and arithmetic calculations quickly and Computer Algebra
  3. Physics in my life. Energy sources within our reach.
  4. Life chemistry, biology and ecology.

    Teachers weekend: five volunteers from the "Unirea" National College.

    Target audience:

    25 students and five teachers from "Unirea" College

    How many 50 students in each school in 4 sets x 4 schools, about 800 students

    5 Teachers in each town: 5

    Total: 835 students and teachers in Vrancea County

Indirect impact of 750 pupils and 60 teachers from the "Unirea" College

About the Association "Uniristii"

Association "Uniristii" primarily aimed at working with students, teachers and friends of the "Unirea" National College to promote extracurricular activities by increasing the performance and diversification activities and strives to promote cultural values to the benefit of individuals, businesses and the Romanian society in general and also conduct a national professional partnership of representatives from all departments of human resources fields.

 Association "Unirsitii" has as its task, inter alia, promoting school activities collectivities support disadvantaged backgrounds, training teachers and students in activities designed to bring educational benefits to students who do not receive assistance due to lack of enough qualified teachers to some subjects

The association works with the support of former students of "Unirea" College and also won Focsani activities such as:

  • scholarships for deserving students with limited material possibilities
  • model lessons in rural schools
  • Christmas and Easter gifts for children in disadvantaged communities
  • assistance for students athletes, support for outside school paregatire
  • supporting student participation in national and international competitions
  • outstanding graduate student award

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